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Key factors in choosing an area to live in are likely to be:

  • Employment

    • Proximity to a job you've already secured, or availability of openings if you're looking

    • For Surrey-based work, there's a higher probability you'll be accessing by car whilst for central London, commuting by rail is more common.

  • Cost of housing

    • Proximity to a fast rail connection to London is one factor which increases prices

    • The BBC website shows data on average house prices by type in Surrey

  • Schooling

    • Proximity and, for schools which accept students primarily from a particular area, the catchment area

    • May be particularly important if a certain type of school is sought e.g. one offering the International Baccalaureate, or a specialist music school

    Clock, Guildford

  • Character

    • Personal preferences of small vs large village/town, and rural vs urban setting - the south of the county is generally more rural than the north, though there's plenty of green space in the north also

The town guides have further details on individual towns.

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