• State education

    • State (government-funded) schooling typically starts around age 4 with infant school, followed by junior school at age 7 (the two schools may be combined to form a primary school).

    • State education continues with secondary school from 11-16.

    • The school year in the state sector runs from early September until late July.

    • State schools follow the standardised National Curriculum.

    • Further information on the state sector can be found on the Surrey County Council website, including a directory of schools here

    • School inspection reports are located on the Ofsted website

  • Private education

    • Private (or 'independent', or 'public') schooling starts with pre-preparatory school and then preparatory (prep) school from age 7 (the two schools are often combined into one). Pupils progress to private secondary school at age 11 or 13.

    • Private schools typically offer GCSE and A-levels, though some are oriented towards the IB Diploma or U.S. Advanced Placement exams

    • The school year in the private sector is typically from early September until early July.

    • Independent school inspection reports can be found on the Independent Schools Inspectorate website; Ofsted also inspect some independent schools

  • Key school exams

    • Key Stage 1 and 2 exams are taken in state schools at ages 7 and 11 respectively

    • Entrance exams for selective private schools (the Common Entrance Exam, or school-specific papers) are taken for entrance to private secondary schools at age 11 or 13

    • GCSEs: typically students take 8-10 GCSEs at age 16

    • A levels require two years of study and are split into several modules. Typically students take 3-4 A-levels, split into AS levels after the first year of study, and A2 exams after the second

    • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma is an alternative qualification

  • Higher education

  • Other

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